Thursday, August 26, 2004

winds of change? or is that you I smell?

My life has had many tumultuous events this past year. I was hoping that things were smoothing out and beginning to settle, but now I am not so sure. As I plan to start homeschooling K, my thoughts are dominated with the uncertainty of my family structure. I decided to homeschool partly because I thought that it would provide more stability for K when my marriage may be falling apart. The main reason to educate in the home was to keep family bonds strong during these formative years, and to be involved in the learning process with my children. K is very bright and self-motivated when it comes to learning, so I don't fear it to be too difficult. Another concern I had about the public school setting (that is our only other option at this point) was that K would get lost in the crowd. He is well behaved and generally mild mannered and from my own experience as a teacher, I just don't think he'd get the attention he would need.
Now I hope that I am not so distracted with my own problems that I don't give him the attention he needs.
I thought that my husband and I were beginning a new chapter together, (key word-together), after a six month separation. He was so sincere about his renewed sense of committment and desire to be with me that I believed him and took him back. Now he is not so sure, after only, what two months? I am being forced to give him an ultimatum- either commit and stay, or leave if you can't make up your mind- with a one month deadline. This really sucks to have to be forced into the position to do this, but the alternative is unbearable, or at least, I have borne it long enough. I can't handle this transient marriage, this period of limbo. What is the point of being committed to someone if they are not committed in return?
The super weird aspect of all of this is that it is completely amicable. We are best friends, we "do the dance", as my hub says, very well ( referring to relating with each other, not sex, but that fits too). On the outside, our union looks good. We get along, have fun together and enjoy being together, but so much is going on inside of M that he is quite conflicted and I get the brunt of it.
I just want it to be one way or the other at this point. I can not make him love me or stay with me. He must choose and he must choose soon. Saga to be continued....