Saturday, March 24, 2007


I spent all day Thursday driving from Baltimore to Lilburn, a suburb of Atlanta to spend ten days with my sister and her family. I am happy to say the trip went just as well as last year, mostly uneventful. The only thing about this trip that made it "interesting" were some minor annoyances such as, even though I spent $406 the day before the trip to have the squeaking taken out of the brake pads, the car decided it needed to make another even more annoying sound. Apparently a hole erupted in the exhaust somewhere close to the engine and the Green Machine sounded like a pack of Harleys everytime I accelerated. Also the little thingy that goes into the tape deck to play cds from the portable cd player over the car speakers wasn't working right. So twenty minutes into listening to "Prince Caspian" the sound cut off. I guess my heads are dirty or the tape thingy is busted, and Little Miss peed her pants and annouced it one second too late for me to pull off at the rest stop (which was the last one for the next 37 miles). So I had to do a roadside changing, but I'm extremely thankful no one got carsick.

Anyway, the children and I are really enjoying the warmth (80's) and the sunshine and the blooming trees everywhere. It's a nice change after that snow and ice storm just last weekend!