Thursday, March 01, 2007


Two out of the three kids have been sick this past week. This morning I was feeling the beginnings of whatever it is they had and L was feeling particularly impish. While I was making bacon and eggs for the lot of us, K called to me from the bathroom, "Mommy! L put something in the toilet! Now she's FLUSHING it!" I ran in to see the swirling colors of the three foam alphabet shapes she deposited in there as they disappeared down the toilet. Since the things fit down the hole I thought that perhaps they made it through...none such luck. So after I had a go with the plunger, and dad had his turn with the "snake," he called Roto Rooter. Tom (who broke the stereotype for plumber) arrived shortly to remove our toilet and dislodge the foam obstructions. He only found two of them. We think the last one made it through the pipes. We hope the last one made it through the pipes.