Monday, April 24, 2006

Semper ubi sub ubi*

I guess she was punchy after having been up until 8:45pm while the kids attended DC4K and I attended DivorceCare tonight. I had the children change into their pjs in the car before we headed home, in hopes that one or all the children might doze off during the thirty minute car ride. I even told the boys to keep their voices quiet, so L could fall asleep. But before we had even pulled onto I-70 she was grabbing shoes off the seat next to her, flinging them behind her whith a flourish, and laughing hilariously. The boys didn't find this very funny, since they both got hit with sneakers. When she ran out of shoes she started hurtling their shirts and pants back at them, and laughing with the most evil flair. Finally, all that was left were the underpants, and she grabbed and flung them too, while hollaring "Underwayah! Underwayah! Underwayah! Ha Ha Ha Ha." I couldn't fight it any longer, I was concentrating so hard on stifling my laughter, that I missed my exit and had to back track a bit to get to I-695. Needless to say, no one fell asleep on the way home.

*"Semper ubi sub ubi" is a little play on Latin words meaning: Always where under where. It makes little sense on paper, but when spoken, kids learning Latin find this phrase very amusing.