Saturday, April 15, 2006

Al Fresco

We only have one bathroom in our cute little abode. Oftentimes it happens that two or three of us need to "go" at the same time, which is a source of minor frustration for the boys especially. The other day while I was having my turn in the lav, I heard an impatient knocking from D. Instead of waiting a mere two minutes, he "went" right out the kitchen door. I guess that Prettiness was impressed by this skill of relieving oneself in the open air, so she also tried it. Unfortunately this was her first attempt at peeing while squatting and made quite a mess. Just about an half hour ago, without telling me she needed to go, she slipped out the kitchen door and had another "go".... this is a difficult skill to teach a two-year-old, and even I am not 100% accurate but that may be due to lack of practice (it's been a while since I've been camping). Perhaps I should just put her little potty outside during the nice weather.

Simply gorgeous weather today, by the way. It reached the upper 80's and was sunny with the perfect amount of breeze. I would have gotten up early and enjoyed more of the day outside, but I spent a late night catching up with MK until 1:30 am. I did manage to get to the park and walk three miles this morning. Then I had to catch up on the sewing work I've procrastinated all week long. But really it's been an enjoyable day. Tomorrow's forcast: back to the 60's. Gotta love the weather in Baltimore, if you don't like it, just wait five minutes. A week and a half ago, it snowed!

*The lovely cluster of red tulips is blooming right outside the wonderful fence my dad built last year to protect my garden from the very hungry white tail deer that like to graze here.