Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kid quotes from the day

D said to K, "You're a genius!" and then added "but I'm more geniuser than you are."

L (not quite 2 years) is now attempting knock-knock jokes as she mimics her brothers attempts at humor. There is nothing more surreal than two year old humor.

L: knock-knock (she gesticulates knocking when saying this, it's so cute)
me: who's there?
L: meow-meow (her word for cat)
me: meow-meow who?
L: baby...apple

In other education related news, K is now officially slightly literate. He is reading and writing short-vowel words, but impressed me today at the grocery store when he told me the door said "Fire Exit". He is also "doing addition" and reading prices on things. I find all of this rather exciting. The reading has been slow in coming, but I think now that it is finally beginning to "click" he will love it. He also has his very first loose tooth, which is getting looser by the day. The rice crispy treats we made yesterday have done their job well. Perhaps the toothfairy will be visting our house by weeks end? or maybe by months end, you never can tell with teeth.

update: 10-19-05 The tooth fell out today! I guess I need to find my fairy wings! :)