Saturday, October 08, 2005

Duct tape me!

My friend, Sandy, and I had this running joke in high school, whenever we did something bizzare or stupid, of saying afterward, "So, what did you do last night?" It was to mimic how we would answer the question the following day after having done something relatively inexplicable or completely embarrassing. So you ask me, "What did you do last night, Joyella?" Oh, I'm so glad you asked.....

I did this last night, and just in case the link is faulty for whatever reason, I will briefly explain. I have wanted a custom dress form to help me with my fitting when I sew for myself. When I sew for others it really isn't an issue, but my critical eye can't see and do what it needs to when I'm wearing the garmet I am trying to fit on myself. Many years ago I saw an article in Threads about making a body double or custom dress form using duct tape. I have wanted to try this ever since, but never had the guts to ask one of my friends help me with it, it is a rather intimate job. It takes a pretty close friend to see you wrapped in a tube of thin cotton knit and then to cover your body with strips of duct tape. But I overcame my body image fears and asked Tree, and she obliged me. We made a night of it, drinking cosmos and laughing so hard I nearly burst out of my silver cocoon. In the end I looked like a female C3PO, I kind of walked like him too. I could barely move once it was done, and cutting me out of the thing made me feel like a snake shedding its skin. Now all I have to do is tape it back together, stuff it and mount it on my old (skinny) dress form. Voila! Another me is born.