Sunday, June 05, 2005

And then there were two OR The Mysterious Tadpole

Two weeks ago, I took a little time to myself while the children spent some time with their dad, to pray, think, reflect and organize. I spent several hours at one of my favorite places, Ladew Topiary Gardens. I walked through the nature trail, spent some time in prayer on a bench, had lunch, painted a wee bit, reviewed verses, and then walked some more. Afterward I wandered through the gardens, I came to a pond that was swimming with tadpoles. Remembering the empty container in my backpack, I retrieved it and collected four small black pollywogs for my sons to observe and enjoy. That very night the largest tadpole died of unknown causes, but the remaining three have been thriving.....until this morning. We keep them in a large six-sided glass cookie jar on the kitchen table, but when I looked in there this morning, there were only two tadpoles swimming happily around. I checked the table for any signs of a struggle, and the floor too, but no luck. The smallest of our trio has mysteriously disappeared. My only guess is that the remaining two ate it....Although in high school I had a Beta fish, named Rob Lowe, who jumped out of his bowl and it was weeks before I found his dried out little carcass. He was a blue fish and my carpeting was also blue, and I had no idea he could have flopped all the way under my desk, until one fine day when I actually vacuumed under there and discovered his raisin like form. The amazing thing was that he made no foul stench.